About us

Owners since 2020, Tina and Kevin are both camping enthusiasts. Since their childhood they are nature seekers, wilderness camping and adventure driven. With the arrival of their first daughter, Elizabel, the young family reorganized their leisure activities and acquired a motorhome. They then traveled parts of Canada and the United States, identifying what is the winning recipe with campgrounds, thus forming their vision of the positive customer experience.

 The community holds a very important place for Tina and Kevin, having been part of the Canadian Cadet Organization. This is why they developed a vision of a park open to the local community, offering people from the area free picnic areas as well as access to the playground and the beach.

Environmental stewardship remains at the forefront of their business culture. The park on its 7 acres has many impressive mature trees that are there since before the creation of the park. These are important and the family has made it their mission to protect them. Each year they plant trees, shrubs and flowers on the property. Proper management of the current species and the upkeep of fragile areas ensures the continuity of the park for generations to come.

Over the years they had the chance to visit this campground under the previous administration. At the time, without suspecting that they would one day own it, the park had a charm with its nearby river, its large impressive trees, the diverse fauna and its small private beach. The family, which has just added a little girl named Alyssa, finds the opportunity of welcoming guests to this park rewarding and is committed to maintaining its core entrepreneurial values ​​of customer experience, community and environmental responsibility.



Our history


The park opened in the early 1960s as Camping Iroquois. At the time, the campground had 15 RV sites and 15 tent sites.

In the mid-1990s a new owner bought the campground. The latter gave it a second life by installing new electrical and plumbing installations as well as the addition of several RV sites.

The park operated for nearly 25 years, changing owners a few times and even changed its name to the more recently known "Riverside RV Park". Following the major floods of 2008 and 2018, causing considerable damage to the facilities, the administrators decided to close the premises indefinitely.

During all these years in operation, the park has hosted small cabins, a mobile home park and even a canteen. It also had several community vocations, one of the most popular called "family day" where families from the community of Iroquois met at the campground for a day of activities, friendly competitions and festivities.

In 2020, the current owners in turn gave it a facelift as well as many improvements including a children's playground, an inground pool, four season cottages, a sanitary complex, complete landscaping and its new name better representing its community.

Today, Edmundston Campground has 59 RV sites and 14 tent sites. The young family owner is full of ambition with several dreams in mind to further enhance the customer experience and make the park a vacation destination. After all, the location has charmed everyone who visits it now for more than half a century...